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C.R.A.F Walter Liva

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Argalia, Adriana
(Jesi, 1948)


A teacher of Literature, she attended a course in black and white photography, obtaining in 1981 her first recognition and taking part in her first collective exhibitions in Rome and Florence. She took part in two collective exhibitions with the Diaframma-Canon of Lanfranco Colombo (in Bari in 1985 for the Expo Art-Photography and in Mexico in 1986, "Objective Italy", an itinerant exhibition in Mexican universities on contemporary Italian photography). She published photographs in Fotologia 8, studies of photography edited by the Alinari Brothers in 1987 and in 1993 in "Signs of Light, Contemporary Italian Photography". Her pictures are conserved in the Print Department of the National Library in Paris.



"I have received with greatest pleasure your beautifulst full poetry book.therefore.... Walter Liva "

Walter Liva - C.R.A.F Director

January 25, 1999